Please take a moment to view the video above. Within the next month, you will be able to do this and so much more!

There is nothing you can not do, be or have. The world needs you to understand that. So you will change it.

It has gone by many terms. The collective unconscious... The zero point field... The Akashic Records.

Whatever you want to call it, it is defined as one universal mind that we all have access to and it made a lot of things clear in my life.

I have been able to play the piano, guitar and other instruments since I was a child, without instruction. Somehow I just knew.

It was kind of strange. How did I know to put these fingers here and those fingers there? Somehow I just knew those were the correct keys to hit for the particular song I was wanting to play. There was no way I should have known that. Actually I didn't. When finished playing a song if you asked me what notes I just played I wouldn't have been able to tell you.

So how was I able to do that?

I was accessing a universal mind that already knew how to play the piano, guitar, or anything else I wanted to do.

Accessing one mind really made my school years pretty easy. (Although at that point, I didn't know how I was accessing this collective intelligence).

Drawing from the database of one mind also really came in handy while learning to program a computer and actually creating programs.

So exactly what is this universal mind?

That is what we are going to show you on this site.

The universal mind has actually been described in many extremes ranging from energy/information that you access through your subconscious to advanced spiritual beings who tend to this vast library of consciousness.

I tend to lean towards the energy via the subconscious route. I have accessed and benefited from this collective one mind many times and have never experienced other beings. But I'll keep an open mind and not rule out the possibility.

On this site we are going to stick with what can be shown and proven. Unlike other sites which make claims and then have you go on blind faith that what they are saying is true, we will always show evidence to back up what we are saying. Such as the video above or the computer programs you will find on this site.

Begin today to learn to access an incredible potential that is within all of us! Actually you already access the universal mind, we are just going to make you more conscious of it and show you how to obtain the information you want.

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